Eric Stewart performs at the Newmark Theater in Portland, OR in 2012

Eric Stewart, Film and Television Composer

Our featured film and television scoring composer is Eric Stewart.  You can use the embedded player below to check out his work.

Eric is a wildly original and passionate composer and brings 110% of himself to everything he writes and performs.  Many of his compositions have been featured in both independent and commercially released films, and Speed of Thought Music is his exclusive artist representative.

Contact us at to learn more about Eric and his work.

Re-release of a San Francisco Classic

Speed of Thought Music is pleased to announce the re-release of the classic eponymous debut CD of the San Francisco band, Sister Moses.

Own it, and pay what you can! Let us count the ways:

  • Download it from the Sister Moses Bandcamp page: You can buy the whole long player, or order song-by-song.
  • Send us an order in the mail:  P.O. Box 86783, Portland, OR  97826

Enjoy the music the way it should be enjoyed – share it!  Speed of Thought Music offers all its recordings on a pay-what-you-want basis.  You can share any of our music with anyone you want, but you can’t include it in other works without signing a license agreement.

Any money collected for the sale of this record goes straight to the artists, whether you choose to pay fifty cents or twenty dollars – Speed of Thought Music doesn’t take a dime from the sale of the music.  You also have the choice to download and pay nothing, but please remember it takes many hours of very hard work and time to create this music.